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#ArtJewelleryChallenge – Day One

#ArtJewelleryChallenge – Day one

This is my first day of the #ArtJewellery Challenge started by Donna Greenberg. For five days I will show some of my jewellery, and each day I will also nominate another artist to show us his/her jewellery. I was kindly nominated by Julia Funk.

Today I nominate Anne Kessler to show us one of her works per day for five days, and to nominate another artist per day.

The rings of SuspAct series suggest at first glance a gem if you knew any better. The second follows the third glance and then at the latest is clear: what sparkles is no 10 Carat. Suspect? 3D cinema, coupled with a jewelry drama that actually exists? Viewers not only literally stand head.

Here the resolution: coloured nylon and mirrored stainless steel tickle on the optic nerve. This is physics from the point of view of jewellery design and a science in itself. Look closely! These rings are made from silver, steel and nylont. (Follow the #ArtJewelleryChallenge on Facebook.)

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